S1 Developments are excited to bring forward proposals for the site of the former Tynecastle High School, McLeod Street, Edinburgh, EH11 2NH

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S1 Developments is excited to bring forward proposals for the redevelopment of the former Tynecastle High School site. This will incorporate partial demolition and change of use of school buildings and new build to form student residential development with associated infrastructure and landscaping.

The developer has formally submitted a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) to the City of Edinburgh Council, informing that it intends to submit a planning application for the development following a statutory 12-week pre-application consultation period.

This event provides the local community with an opportunity to view the proposals for the new neighbourhood and provide comments that will inform any possible future planning application.

We welcome your views to assist us in developing the proposals further and comment forms are available on the website. The proposed masterplan site presents a unique opportunity to shape a new neighbourhood to this part of the city.



Economic impact

The development could provide c.500 student beds.

S1 Developments have commissioned a detailed analysis on the potential positive impact the development can have on the local economy.

Current figures suggest an average spend of £9,204 per annum, per student, exclusive of accommodation and tuition fees (National Union of Students (2013) Student contributions to the UK economy, pg 13).

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Development Background

The former Tynecastle High School ceased being used as a school in late 2009, with the school moving to a state-of-the-art new school building across the road from the original site in January 2010.

The constrained nature of the site meant that there were limited redevelopment options. In 2014, the neighbouring North British Distillery (NBD) acquired the site and used it for a short period for informal parking. The continued deteriorating nature of the site led NBD to examine alternatives, including several options for redevelopment for community uses and other purposes.

Unfortunately, the cost of redevelopment and the constraints associated with the neighbouring operations meant that an alternative use could not be found. The site was therefore marketed in 2020.

The site has a number of very specific constraints that require to be taken into consideration in determining the use and development form and seriously limit its potential for residential development.

The Site

The site extends to 1.53 hectares and comprises a two-storey ‘L’ shaped building along the eastern (McLeod Street) and southern boundaries and a similarly ‘L’ shaped deck access building on the west and north boundaries – together, they form a broad courtyard feature. Several later buildings and extensions occupy the courtyard. 

The site is easily accessed via the A71 and McLeod St and is well connected in terms of public transport.

Proximity to NBD

The site shares a boundary with NBD to the immediate west. The nature of the distillery operations will impact amenity in terms of safety, air quality and noise.

Any new development must not compromise the neighbouring established employment use through the introduction of uses that give rise to amenity complaints. It is also imperative that any new use is capable of being designed in such a way to limit the impacts on the potential users/occupants of the site.

The site also sits next to, and partially within, the Health and Safety Executive Consultation Zone for NBD. This restricts the extent of development along the boundary and prevents the existing buildings on the western boundary from being developed for alternative uses. A single-use could make it easier to mitigate amenity impacts and ensure an acceptable relationship can be accommodated between existing and proposed uses.

Proximity to Tynecastle Stadium

Tynecastle Stadium sits to the immediate south of the site. Noise, light and traffic are likely to negatively impact amenity on match days. These issues, and the relationship with the Stadium, must be considered in determining the proposed development form. 

Again, it is important that the proposed development uses do not give rise to a conflict with the Heart of Midlothian Football Club, which is an important asset for the community.

Proximity to the Western Approach Road

The Western Approach sits to the immediate north of the site and will impact both noise and air quality along the northern edge. The steep embankment leading up to the road, which sits 9 metres above the site, will also impact daylighting to the northern edge.


Ample bus routes nearby provide access to all three universities, whilst the city campuses are accessible by walking and cycling via quiet street routes and dedicated cycle/walking paths.

Planning Context

While the Development Brief is dated, it indicates CEC’s aspirations for the site, namely the retention of the main school building along the eastern and southern boundary and demolition of later additions to open up the rest of the site.

Whilst the HSE consultation zones used to limit the extent of redevelopment options, subsequent developments have reduced the size of the consultation zones, providing more significant opportunity for redevelopment.

The Development Brief showed CEC’s intention for only the L-shaped building along the eastern and southern boundaries as being retained.


As highlighted, the former Tynecastle High School site has been vacant for more than ten years and, despite maintenance, has slowly fallen into a derelict condition. In our opinion, the open market is unlikely to encourage residential development overlooking a distillery, next to a stadium and adjacent to a busy approach road.

Health & Safety Executive & Sewer Constraints

The HSE has set ‘consultation zones’ associated with the business activities of North British Distillery Company (NBDC) and neighbouring company MacFarlan Smith. The consultation zones require CEC to utilise HSE’s consultation system on any planning applications for redevelopment. The consultation zones are split into “Inner”, “Middle”, and “Outer”, with the inner and middle zones generally being more restrictive to redevelopment for alternative use.

Neighbouring Developments & Existing Buildings

The former Tynecastle High School is overlooked by the North British Distillery, Tynecastle Stadium and is adjacent to the busy Western Approach Road.

HSE Consultation Zone

Since the Tynecastle Development Brief was approved, the consultation zones have been reduced such that the majority of the site now sits out with the consultation zones.


The Importance of Heritage

Scottish Planning Policy states, “The planning system should…enable positive change in the historic environment which is informed by a clear understanding of the importance of the heritage assets affected and ensure their future use..”

Managing Change in the Historic Environment: Use and Adaptation of Listed Buildings note “For a building to stay in use over the long term, change will be necessary….Proposals that keep buildings in use, or bring them back into use, should be supported as long as they do the least possible harm.”

The constraints affecting the site have mitigated against the viable redevelopment of the Category B listed school since its closure in 2009. 

Even with the removal of later extensions and accretions, it will not be practically or economically possible to retain all of the original elements.

The proposed development provides a significant opportunity to restore as much as possible of the original school in a sustainable long term future use by integrating this within the wider redevelopment of the hinterland of the site in a viable complimentary use.

Community Ties

We are keen to engage with the local community and have already met with a number of local charities/community groups to understand how the development can best serve the local area. 

We would like to incorporate a dedicated community space into the scheme. The proposed space would directly face McLeod St, providing both an active frontage to the street and a simple point of access for the potential end-user.

Listed buildings

The buildings and the site’s other associated features are Category B Listed. The full listing description can be found on Historic Environment Scotland (HES) Portal Reference: LB26950

Although all buildings on the site (including gates, gate piers and railings) fall within the Category B Listing, the principal listed buildings comprise the two-storey ‘L’ shaped building along the eastern (McLeod Street) and southern boundaries, and the similar ‘L’ shaped workshops on the west and north boundaries.

Approach: Building Removal 

The buildings, and other associated features on the site, are Category B Listed. Careful consideration has been given to the suitability of the existing buildings for adaptive reuse.

The original school building on McLeod St will be retained and restored as an integral part of the new development. The value of the new build is meeting the cost of the restoration to the rear.

Creating Courtyards

Two large landscaped courtyards could be supplemented by additional pocket parks and green planted strips throughout the development. 

Contrasting with the existing hard-landscaped surfaces, the new soft-landscaped outdoor amenity space would reduce development density

through the centre of the site.

Massing – Relationship 

Development zones to the north and west of the site could be formed to compliment the retained existing school building. New building within these zones would be designed as subservient to the existing school building, with the heights dropping down to tie in with the existing building datum.

Relationship to Western Approach Road

Aside from providing accommodation, the new buildings could serve a dual function within the wider site strategy; acting as a buffer to NBD and the Western Approach, and forming a new collegiate style courtyard at the heart of the development.


A student scheme allows making the development completely car-free, thus reducing local traffic and air quality.

• 100% cycle provisions – encouraging sustainable transport

• 100% electric – no fossil fuels

• Sustainable Technology – Air Source Heat Pump for water heating

• Adaptive Re-Use – embodied carbon of existing building

• Increase Bio-Diversity of Site -landscaped Areas replace tarmac car park areas

Proposed Use: Student Residential

Addressing Student Demand

The City of Edinburgh Council’s Locality and Ward data profile identifies student levels as being relatively low (at 14.8%) and below the level of 15.8% for the city as a whole. Even with the addition of recently granted and planned accommodation, the proposed development will not create an unsustainable concentration of student accommodation.

S1 has commissioned a detailed socio-economic analysis of the local area to help us understand the likely impact of the proposed scheme. 

This information, coupled with feedback from the local community, will inform our decision-making process as the design develops.

Student Housing

The option of student development creates the opportunity to retain the main listed building and boundary walls that were identified in the original Council brief (Tynecastle Development Brief 2004). 

The change from an education campus to a student campus provides a modern re-use of the existing building. This allows it to be retained as the focal point within the street, with purpose-built student accommodation located behind the original building screening the industrial NBD uses to the west.

Difficulties in addressing residential 

  • Viability of Retaining The Listed Building

The condition of the Listed Building makes its use for other purposes difficult to achieve. The existing layout and existing building division work well for student use, involving less intervention preserving more of the features of interest.

  • The setting of the Listed Building

New development must respect the setting of the Listed Building; that means, that if the main school building is to be retained, new development must provide a degree of separation that acknowledges and respects its setting. 

This pushes development toward the fringes of the site and closer to the constraints associated with neighbouring uses.

  • Quality of prospective development

While S1 predominantly develops residential development, as a commercial company, we must be alive to the market demand and the likelihood of building a quality of development that will suit buyers and provide an appropriate standard for prospective residents. 

The position adjacent to Tynecastle Stadium, The Distillery and the West Approach Road makes this more difficult to achieve viably for open market housing whist also retaining the Main Listed Building. The nature of student development allows amenity to be created in a different way orientating and design development in such a way that it can limit the views out of the site and create a shared student amenity space in the centre of the site


Single-Use Control – addressing Env Health concerns

It is paramount that any incoming use does not undermine the existing businesses and employers in the immediate vicinity. 

Whilst both the stadium and distillery are both familiar and established uses within Gorgie, developing in this proximity will demand careful design consideration to ensure that matter of noise and air quality are mitigated through design.

 In student development, we can build a market-leading development in terms of the amenity that it will offer with control mechanisms that allow noise, light, and air quality to be regulated so that the development fits with the mixed-use nature of the surroundings.

A student population is likely to occupy the accommodation for fewer hours per day than other types of residents and is considered to be less sensitive to the potential effects of surrounding noise and the visual impacts of the surrounding uses.

The lack of requirement for private outdoor amenity space per unit, coupled with the uniformity of each unit, provides more flexibility in the design and selection of construction materials and the location of ventilation ducts for the development in order to achieve this.

A building under single user control has the ability to introduce control measures that will ensure that the amenity and safety can be maintained, e.g. ventilation systems and acoustic design.  It also affords opportunities to install site-wide green energy provision under the control of a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) to minimise energy consumption and improve sustainability.

A student development is a car-free development ensuring there is no increase in local traffic or associated air pollution.

  • Addressing pressures on Traditional Housing Stock within Gorgie

Edinburgh has 54,995 full-time students and only 14,063 beds in university halls of residence. The private sector operators currently provide 5,357 direct let bedrooms meaning that a total of 19,420 (35.31%) students can access purpose-built university or private sector accommodation, indicating that 35,575 (64.69%) of students must obtain accommodation elsewhere.

  • Student numbers continue to rise

Current information suggests that student numbers are rising at a rate of 3% per year. Inevitably this means that there will be increasing putting pressure on traditional housing stock. The Council’s preferred position is to ensure where possible that student needs are met as far as in well managed and regulated schemes as these have reduced issues of antisocial behaviour.

  • Good site that is within a mixed-use area

The former high school site is separated from residential accommodation on the opposite side of McLeod Street and sits surrounded by commercial uses. The Student Use will not adversely affect existing neighbouring properties. The re-use of an educational campus allows the site to be re-used to meet the demands for Higher education.

About Us

S1 Developments is owned and led by brothers Dan and Shane Teague. Both brothers were raised in Edinburgh, Dan’s background is construction law while Shane boasts over 20 years experience in construction management delivering high value assets across commercial and residential sectors.

Formed in 2007, S1 Developments have completed a series of successful new build and conversion projects in Edinburgh’s most exclusive and challenging locations. S1 Developments is an opportunity based development company and main contractor with an expertise in delivering exceptional schemes, quickly and efficiently. S1 target sites that afford the opportunity to tailor and bespoke each development to their own understanding of the Edinburgh property market. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 S1 Developments were crowned Scottish House Builder of the year (less than 150 units).

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